13 January 2010

Wednesday Links

MAT Kinase posts about a rumor to certify the entire state of Maine as organic. In his words, "an absolutely terrible idea" and I have to agree with him.

Holly Scoggins on The Garden Professors gives timely advice on what to do with poinsettias after Christmas: Throw them away!  (She also has an amusing disclaimer relating to the fact that nothing will make you hate a plant as much as doing research on it. Something I well know... I used to be merely uninterested by petunias... now I loath the smelly, stinky, wretched things.)

A new hardy alstromeria cultivar from Cornel breeder Mark Bridgen is coming out this year! A fact I pass on because, a) alstromeria are cool, and b) I've met Mark Bridgen, and he is super cool.

Studio G passes along a link to lovely solar powered hanging lights for the garden... They look great -- perfect for trying to create that glowing Avatar-garden look I'm itching for this year!

Water droplets in the sun can burn plants Which is kinda cool, but who waters that way anyhow? Water on leaves is a no-no (promotes fungal diseases) and you should always water in the morning or evening to reduce loss by evaporation. But still: kinda cool -- theoretically, it could even start a fire!


Brad said...

A friend of a friend of mine who gardens in Phoenix told me that water droplets during the day will actually burn a hole through the leaves. Now I wonder if that's true.

Joseph said...

Apparently it could be! Thank god I don't live in Poenix.