06 January 2010

Wednesday Links

After taking a week off for Christmas, Wednesday links is back!

First, a post from Dirt Simple with a really cool idea: Giant votive candle holders made from ice for an incredible fire-and-ice display outside. I'm going to have to try this one. Nothing is blooming outside, so might as well use the cold to make something beautiful!

The economist reports on the potential to use a species of dandelion to make rubber which I pass on only because it feels like a kind of validation for my recent excitement over dandelions.

Check out this cool time lapse photography of the garden over at Ellis Hollow. It is the entire year in 100 seconds. I think I have to add doing this to my list of garden resolutions for 2010.

Order your seeds early this year! The Baltimore Sun thinks there might be a seed shortage for 2010.

Another british newspaper makes me jealous by published a retrospective of the decade in gardening trends.  My hope for the coming decade is that gardening will catch on in the US to the point where we can discuss gardening celebrities and design trends the same way.

I want this.

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HappyMouffetard said...

The wonders of the internet - I wouldn't have noticed the article by anna Pavord on gardening trends of the 'noughties' if your Michigan-based blog hadn't linked ot it. Thanks! And thanks for commenting on my blog.