26 January 2010


The snow is starting to melt a little, and walking through the gardens at MSU I noticed the ornamental kale I had admired back in December.

Not looking so admirable now...Still alive, I give them that, but the lower leaves looking like used toilet paper isn't exactly appealing.
We'll see. I already ordered seeds for the variety Redbor, so I might as well grow it. If it turns hideous in January too, I can always rip it out.


PlantingOaks said...

The company I work for installed ornamental kale in the beds by the entrance the past few winters.

In November, it looks beautiful.
In January, it looks slimy, like your picture.
And then it thaws, and it smells HORRIBLE. Like rotten, stewed cabbage. Terrible, terrible smell.

I think kale is just one more of those 'winter interest' plants that just isn't cut out for a real winter.

Greensparrow said...

Yeah... but still: Even looking good in November is an accomplishment in this climate. I'm still conflicted about both the color and the growth habit, though.