28 January 2010

Gardening indoors: A much improved window

I'm all keen to get more house plants (even if, as my brother mentioned, this is more of a return to a former interest than anything entirely new) as you recall. So: I went to Van Atta's, our local good, basic (but not really inspired: They have nice, high quality plants but rarely any "I never knew that existed, but now I NEED it" plants) garden center, and looked at house plants. I came home with three: An unknown begonia, a Dracaena with freakishly awesome variegation ('Lemon Surprise' I am thinking, but possibly 'Lemon Lime') and Chlorophytum 'Fire Flash'
Here is the window before:

And After:

(I'm basing my before and after shots for this project on weight-loss advertisements. Before shots taken so as to maximize ugliness (at night, with the flash) and after shots taken to maximize prettiness (all back lit and glow-y).)
While I was trying to photograph it, Smudge decided to come "help"

He later knocked the chlorophytum over.  Hopefully it is tough enough to take it, because I am utterly enamored by it. What a great shade of orange. I think I'll remove a lower leaf or two to show it off better. The only thing I have doubts about is the begonia -- most begonias are fussy, though some are also virtually impossible to kill. We'll see what class this one falls into. I also wonder if it will get enough light there, in front of the other two. If it starts looking miserable I'll have to track down a better dark-leaved plant for that spot.


mr_subjunctive said...

For what it's worth:

I suspect the Begonia is one of the relatively easy ones. The cane-type Begonias with long, narrow leaves tend to be less fussy than the ones that creep along on rhizomes, in my experience. On the down side, they also require a bit more maintenance, in that they'll grow long and scraggly if not occasionally cut back. YMMV, of course. But better this than a rex begonia.

I don't think the Dracaena is a 'Lemon-Lime.' 'Lemon-Lime' has longer, straighter leaves. 'Lemon Surprise' is a reasonable guess.

Aerelonian said...

Very nice. Those plants look great together!