29 February 2012

Book DONE!

I just pressed send on the final file of my book! YAY! Still a lot to happen before it is actually published in the Spring of 2013, but most of the heavy lifting on my side is done! I'm going to go buy myself a lot of chocolate and spend the rest of the day doing nothing productive whatsoever. And after that, who knows, I might just start posting on this blog with some sort of regularity again.

24 February 2012

Oh the happiness of a greenhouse

This is the view outside my window at the moment:
But a quick walk through that snow to the greenhouse there in the back, and now I have this perfuming the air in my office:
Worth every penny and every moment spent building the thing!

17 February 2012

A new chapter

Well folks, I have very exciting news! Next month I'm going to be starting a new job at... Arrowhead Alpines! If you read this blog regularly, you'll know it is my favorite nursery, a legendary place for everything rare and unusual, so I am very excited. What will be I doing for them?
Well, it is an incredibly diverse nursery with an incredibly small staff, so a little bit of everything! Can't wait. To give you a taste of what an amazing place Arrowhead is, here are just a few photos of plants that are looking gorgeous in their greenhouses right now:

02 February 2012

Live and in person!

For any readers in the Lansing area, I'm going to be giving a talk titled "Great Non-Wimpy Plants You haven't heard of" to the East Lansing Garden club on Thursday Feb. 9th at 1 pm at the First Presbyterian Church at 510 W Ottawa St in Lansing.
It'll be a great time, and I hope to see you there!