25 January 2010

Therapy for winter: Meijer Gardens

So this weekend I went to Meijer Gardens -- a huge public greenhouse about an hours drive away in Grand Rapids. They were having their annual orchid show this weekend, which was additional reason to go.

They had LOTS of orchids. And lots of people selling orchids. My new Indoor Gardening resolution was burning in my mind, tempting me to buy, buy, buy... But I restrained myself. I simply looked, noticed what I liked, and asked the one orchid freak (and when I say orchid freak, I mean freak I asked him about slipper orchids and he launched into an explanation of how they're not REALLY orchids because their fertile anthers are derived from the wrong whirl. Right. Though I could, if prompted, launch into rant about how rosemary is actually a salvia due to THEIR anthers, so I guess I can't make fun of him) of my aquaintance what he would recommend for my house, which I keep very very cool.

Luckily, the first genus he mentioned is ALSO the genus I had been admiring most in the show: Masdevallia.

(Sorry about the bad photos -- it was dim, and the crowds made it hard to get good pictures -- check out google images for a better idea of how cool these orchids are)

But there weren't many for sale -- because, I guess, most people don't keep their house in the 50s and 60s all winter. So I'm going to read more, and then maybe order some from somewhere.

After the orchid show, we enjoyed the consevatories, as you can see in these photos. Starting with a shot of the arid room for the sake of Germi who is suffering from too much rain.

Warning: Slightly inapproriate behavior with an amorphophallus ahead:

A tillandsia of some sort:


Aaerelon said...

I don't see any inappropriate behaviour... Thanks for sharing the photos! I really want to see one of those amorphophallus in person.

Joseph said...

Aerelonian, just focus on the last part of the name of the plant (amorphoPHALLUS) and I think you'll see where the inappropriate part comes in.
BTW, they actually quite easy to grow: the leaves die down in the fall, and you can bring them indoors like a dahlia or gladiolus. They'll bloom indoors during the winter, then send up leaves when you plant them out in the spring. I had a friend (otherwise NOT a gardener) who had 7 of them blooming in his house every winter. The stench was almost unbearable.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

oh you boys and your phallus licking! nice post, thanks!

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