30 January 2010

Seeds: A reality check.

My drawing yesterday was a happy image of how getting packages of seeds is like having a mailbox full of plants in the middle of winter.

This is the reality of my current seed situation:

Yes, this is a real, non-staged shot of my dining room table as I tried to sort through what seeds to direct sow, which to start early inside... this is AFTER I removed a dozen or so packets I decided I wasn't going to have room for. I started counting them up... and gave up when I reached 100. I think I overdid it a bit. Just a bit.


Carol said...

Overdid it? Yes, that looks like a lot. I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all my seeds.

Tina said...

One can never have too many seeds. Yes, I live in a very special reality of my own making :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had (have?) a tendency to order seeds that I don't get around to sowing. The cool thing about a lot seeds is their longevity. Currently I have seedlings of four tropical species I started several months ago, from seeds 1 to 5+ years old. Maybe next year?

Greensparrow said...

I actually use an excel sheet too... but somehow it doesn't look like so much on the computer as when your spread the all out on the table!
I think our special realities are very similar! I'm a little overwhelmed -- but mostly excited!