05 January 2010

Anyone want to grow some crazy mixed-up tomato hybrid F2s?

Two years ago I crossbred the tomato Matt's Wild Cherry (which is simply the most delicious cherry tomato I have EVER had the pleasure of eating) with Black Krim (which is a tasty, large, dark colored variety ) Last year I grew the F1 plants, and collected a LOT of F2 seed (See my post yesterday for an explanation of the F1 F2 stuff) which I am going to be growing this year: They will be a crazy mix of sizes (roughly ¾ will be cherries, ¼ full sized, though there should be a lot of size variation within those two groups), colors, and flavors – though all of them should be very delicious. I'm looking forward to growing out lots and lots, tasting them, and picking out my favorites – and I'm wondering it anyone else wants to do so as well. I've got oodles of seed, so if you want to grow some, just e-mail me (engeizuki at gmail dot com) and I can send them to you. All I ask is that you grow a bunch of plants, do a taste test, and send me back some seeds from any individuals you particularly like.

Photo credits:
Matt's wild cherry
Black Krim


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to grow a few, but I may not be your best candidate. I have very high standards for fresh eaten tomatoes. I don't even buy them from the store anymore as those just don't measure up. Sounds fascinating to develop your own favorite, though.

Joseph said...

If you have high standards you'd be perfect! Hopefully some will measure up -- and you can get a taste of the fun of developing your own favorite. It is really pretty simple -- and even if my cross doesn't measure up, maybe it will inspire you to try crossing some of your favorites to make an even better one.