02 December 2009

Wednesday Links

Here's some links to things I found worth reading this past week:

Council orders grandmother dig beloved garden store unsightly wheelie bins I love that in the UK, someone having to rip out their garden is correctly viewed as a news-worthy tragedy.

Keep off don't touch Michele from the always great Gardenrant gives a spot-on analysis of bad landscaping -- my favorite quote: "...yards are not petting zoos for spruces, nor passive sponges for weed-and-feed, but places that actual humans should enjoy."

Confessions of a Sweatshop Inspector Totally off topic for this blog, but human rights and fair labor practices should matter to everyone. This is a fascinating piece on sweatshops, and has some really good information on how to figure out if a company is exploiting its workers.

Gardening books for Christmas A cool list of new books that would make great Christmas presents from The Daily Telegraph. Some cool looking books! I'm particularly intrigued by the title: Everything You Can Do in the Garden Without Actually Gardening

Breeding blight resistant chestnuts  A nice little story from the Baltimore Sun about efforts to restore the now virtually extinct American Chestnut via breeding with the blight resistant Chinese Chestnut. My grandfather has always been extremely interesting in this project, so I like keeping up on it.

Biodegradable = scam A thought provoking little post by the always worth reading MAT Kinase

Chocolate Flower Farm  I don't remember how I stumbled on this nursery, but: they specialize in flowers which are chocolate colored. Kinda strange. First time I've heard of a nursery specializing by color. But if you are into black/brown foliage and flowers (Ahem: Fern) you might want to check them out.

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