20 December 2009

Most surreal seed packaging ever.

If you recall, I've been wildly anticipating the arrival of blue impatiens seeds I ordered off of ebay.

So when I found a pleasingly plump envelope in my mailbox today, I was thrilled. I ripped it open to find:

An invitation to a high school graduation for Southern High School in 2007.


Inside the invitation was the ebay invoice, and the seeds.


Are these blue impatiens with a high school diploma? Am I supposed to travel back in time to attend their "commencement exercises"? Do they expect a graduation present?


mr_subjunctive said...

I have no words. That's kind of awesome, though.

Randy Emmitt said...

This is recycling at its finest moment.

Matt DiLeo said...

haha, someone found a cheap stock of envelopes.

annajcook said...

We think maybe they're just highly-educated seeds :)