15 December 2009

Bloom Day December 2009

This is only my second bloom day and I was worried I would have nothing to show. Outside everything is covered is snow, so even if it WERE blooming, I wouldn't know it, or be able to take a picture of it. And I'm not much of a house plant person, so inside, all I had was this mum, a leftover from a friend's research

and this kalanchoe, a gift from my... what do you call her? My aunt-in-law, I guess. (what is the proper term for your spouse's aunt?)

I thought I was going to have to resort to the paper snowflakes I made, "blooming" on the Christmas tree (I'm not sure why the tree came out blue... it is actually green. I was messing around with the evaluative white balance on my camera, this happened, and I decided I like it)

But then I had a thought: My research for my PhD involves a whole greenhouse full of blooming plants! Not technically my garden, but close enough! Quite a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. There is anyways something blooming at work! I shall never be without on a bloom day. Well, until I graduate anyway...

Salvia cacaliifolia

Salvia involucrata

Happy Bloom Day everyone!


Carol Michel said...

We take our blooms where and how we can get them in the winter, won't we? A very nice showing on a cold December day!

Gail said...

That was a smart idea! Over Thanksgiving we got a tour of the greenhouse at the university where my son is working on his phd. What a fun place. gail

Stevie said...

Great idea. The photo of the snowflake is great - Glad you included it!

Christopher C. NC said...

Touring other gardens is perfectly acceptable for Bloom Day according the the 2009 handbook. If there was a greenhouse near me, I'd be in it.