30 November 2009

Pink Dandelions!

How cool is THIS? A pink dandelion! I have to admit that I love dandelions already (not in the garden, just in the periodically mowed collection of grasses and sundries that I call my "lawn") so I am totally thrilled to discover this pink flowered species in the catalog of the amazing and addictive Plant World Seeds. I instantly added them to my To Buy list, and over dinner tonight was excitedly telling my partner all about how cool they are. He was... shall we say, skeptical. Even incredulous. The words "broad leafed herbicide" passed his lips.

Whatever. They're going to be awesome. 

I'm having visions of pulling up ALL the regular dandelions in my yard, and replacing them with pink ones. I'd just love to see people go by and do a double take: Yard full of dandelions... WAIT! Yard full of PINK dandelions???

I can't wait.


Matt DiLeo said...


when i get a yard i'm gonna seed it heavily with all kinds of meadow flowers and just let it go.

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