09 December 2009

Wednesday Links:

Gardening Gone Wild has posted a list of "Great Books for Gardeners" which I am very excited about. I need to stock up on good reading for the winter.

The British magazine Hort week has a brief article about the government trying to deal with an increasing lack of people with the skills to be successful horticulturalists. An issue here in the US too, but I don't think it is even on the government's radar screen in this country.

Gardening Gone Wild  (again! They're on a roll... and I had been considering removing them from my google reader list!) has a great post -- a "Letter to me as a new gardener" of the basic gardening advice she wishes she had known when she first started gardening.

Biotechnology -- a Solution to Hunger?  An excellent little article looking at the pros and cons of using genetic engrineering to try and help global hunger problems. So much of the coverage on GMOs is insanely polarized, with people either yelling: "It is EVIL!" or "It will SAVE THE WORLD!" that I was very happy to read this --  actually talking about some of the specific good genetic engineering could do, and some of the potential risks.

More on Biotechnology  in this piece from the Economist about Monsanto, everyone's favorite big ag company to hate. A good big picture view of where genetic engineering is and where it is going.

By way of the Fine Gardening website: A man arrested for while trying to prune his tree with a shotgun. Silly. Everyone knows semi-automatic machine guns work WAY better.

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