11 February 2010

That's it. I'm getting bees.

My friend ST got bees last spring. And today, she brought me a container of her honey.
That is my finger. I've been dipping into it, and licking the honey off. Yum... So much better than boring clover honey from the store -- it has richer flavor, almost a little spicy. Which instantly makes me think of my grandfather -- he used to keep bees, and trips to North Carolina to visit him always ended with us heading home with a huge jar of honey and bees wax to make candles.
I've always said I want to have bees -- but tasting this honey has pushed me over the edge. I've got to get some. My seed orders are all in. Time to put in the bee order.


Liza said...

Ohmigosh, there is nothing better than fresh honey. I hope you do get bees, and then can we become friends, because I'd really like some honey.

I found your site through PATSP - keep up the good work!

Joseph said...

So, Liza, you are saying you'll only become a friend IF I bribe you with honey? Well, that sounds reasonable. But you're going to have bribe me with something else for me to become friends with you in return... :)

Matt DiLeo said...

Go for it! (but be prepared to explain to neighbors why the dead yellow jackets and bumble bees in their pool aren't your fault;)

Liza said...

How about some mystery seeds? Would they work as a bribe? I know they are flowers...maybe Delphiniums, maybe Bachelor Buttons. Other than that, maybe I could send you some cheese. Or pepperoni. Yeah, I'm not great at bribing! Clearly!

Joseph said...

Hmm... cheese always works for me, Liz! But don't worry -- I won't have honey until next fall, so you've lots of time to think up a good bribe!