18 February 2010

Timber Press photo contest

Timber Press is having a contest: Submit your best macro garden photograph, and you could win a copy of a book about taking macro photos.(which seems back-to-front to me... clearly the winner is in no need of a book in order to take amazing pictures. Maybe they should give the book to the worst submission? I like that idea -- I might have a chance then!)
I'm not much of a macro person -- I tend to try (try, usually fail) to take pictures which give an idea of what a whole garden looks like. But: Sometimes the extreme close up is irresistable, as in the case of my submission to the contest: A fringed tulip I saw in the Netherlands a couple years ago:


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Lovely shot!

Chani West-Foyle said...

Thanks for the submission - I agree with NotSoAngryRedhead, it's a lovely shot. You might not need this book after all. :) OK with you if I put the pic on our Flickr page?

Joseph said...

Thanks to both of you! and, yes, feel free to put it on your flickr page, Chani!