16 February 2010

No, I don't need MORE copies of your catalog!

I opened my mail box yesterday to find catalogs from High Country Gardens, Johnny's Selected Seeds, and Bluestone Perennials. All companies I like -- but I already have a catalog from each of them. I've already gotten TWO from High Country, and I've already even put in my order to Johnny. I love catalogs -- but one is enough, people! Every extra catalog I get from you just makes me annoyed and less likely to order from you!

Addendum: DO look at the comments. A representative from High Country Gardens commented to explain that the multiple catalogs are actually different. So I take back all the annoyance I just expressed.


Unknown said...

Did you get 2 copies of the same version of the catalog? If the cover is different then there are some pages that are different inside with unique products. If it is 2 of the same catalog, we can remedy that or if you prefer just one catalog per season we can set that preference also. In addition, we have set up a catalog preferences update page where you can set this yourself online at http://www.highcountrygardens.com/catalogpreferences. We also have a virtual catalog on our site if you would prefer to browse that way and not have any catalog mailed to you!

If you would like our assistance please call us at 800-925-9387.
Kim Sloan
IT Manager
High Country Gardens

Joseph said...

Oh! Thanks for clearing that up -- it did have a different cover, but I assumed it was the same inside and chucked it without reading it. Now I'm going to have to dig through my trash and find it so I can see what cool plants (that I can't grow... WAY too much rain here) I missed reading about!