13 February 2010

Time Travel

My mom is super-human in many ways. An example being, when each of us was born she started a journal for us -- she wrote in it when we were small, when we learned to talk, we'd dictate to her, and when we learned to write, we took over. If this doesn't seem superhuman, bear in mind: my Mom did this for all 5 children she gave birth to in the course of 6 years, while also doing things like keeping us fed with homemade bread and being generally being amazing.

Which is all just back story to explain why I have a huge box of notebooks in which are recorded my entire life. I stumbled on the box the other day, start flipping through that first notebook, and found this entry from when I was 5 years old:

8 August 1988

My flowers are growing well. The sweet peas are the tallest and the portulaca are the smallest. The marigolds are in between.

Yep. Already gardening. Not much has changed, only I know now not to try and grow sweet peas in August in Maryland (where we lived at the time).
And it sort of came out of no where. Gardening is not one of my mother's many super powers, though she often tried. With results as indicated by the rest of my entry for that day:

Mom's strawberry patch grew 5 strawberries

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Liza said...

What a sweet, sweet idea! Your Mom sounds amazing.