07 February 2010

Rice art and cultivar lust.

Have you see these amazing images created in Inakadate, Japan, by planting different colored leaf rice varieties in exacting patterns?

Photo from Pink tentacle (Do go check out the rest of the set. Really cool.)

But what gets me is the varieties they use to create the images, especially this almost white leaved rice:
Photo from this site (in Japanese)

How stunning is that? I want some! I've seen purple leaved rice for sale before, but never the white. Does anyone know of a source? I've been asking my Japanese friends, our friendly neighborhood rice researcher, browsing rice mutant databases... no luck yet. If anyone knows anything about it, PLEASE let me know! I NEED it. Desperately.


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

That's crazy!! I know nothing about rice, but it'd be so cool to do it with a couple liriope muscari cultivars and ophiopogon planiscapus. Maybe that'll be my "lawn".

Joseph said...

Redhead, the liriope idea is inspired... It would totally work! Oh my... I want to do that now. But I can't afford fifty million liriope and ophipogon.