11 January 2015

Plant allionii primroses for early spring color!

We all know that spring can’t possibly get here soon enough… which is why you should always keep your garden well-stocked with EARLY bloomers so that real spring, with flowers in the garden, comes as soon as possible. Of course snowdrops and crocus are great for this… but you may not know (or may not grow) the allionii primroses. 
'Bill Martin'
Allioniis have a reputation for being fussy… but in our experience, they don’t deserve it. They grow great for us in the nursery, and are easy in ground or containers, give the right conditions. 
'Warfdale Village'
They just need decent drainage in the winter and maybe a little shade in the summer to keep the cool. And when they are happy you get low spreading mounds that can completely cover themselves with gorgeous flowers early, early in the spring.
'Mrs. Peggy Wilson'
Check out our whole selection on the website or consider trying an Allionii collection – we’ll pick you out a range of great, vigorous varieties for you to get started with.
'Lismore Yellow'
And… if you order before the 18th, you can still use our two early-bird coupons to save a little cash! When you check out, either enter the code “polar” and get 20% off your entire order (except collections, grafted conifers, and bulk wildflowers) OR you can enter the code “vortex” to get free shipping. Minimum order to use these codes is $150.
Primula x belluensis


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