03 December 2014

Winter is back. Here are some coupons for horticultural retail therapy

Winter is back. After LONG overstaying its welcome this past “spring” it has decided to make an early appearance again this year.

Oh joy.
So, if the garden is frozen and snow covered, what better to do with your time than settle in for some good old plant shopping? Place your orders now for significant savings, and we'll ship them to you when (if...) the world thaws out again in the spring. To get you started, we're offering you your choice of two different coupons that are good now through January 12th. You can't use both, but when you check out you can decide which you prefer. Either you can enter the code “polar” and get 20% off your entire order (except collections, grafted conifers, and bulk wildflowers) OR you can enter the code “vortex”to get free shipping. Minimum order to use these codes is $150... don't want to spend that much? Consider combining your order with a friend and neighbor to get the savings. It saves money, and sitting with a cup of hot tea or cocoa with a plant friend pouring over a catalog together is perhaps the best way to spend a cold winters day.
So consider placing an order... you'll save money, and we'll thank you. If we're in for another winter like last one, the heating bills are going to be brutal.
Here's to hoping winter decides to take it easy for the rest of the season (Hey, we can dream, right?)

-Brigitta and the rest of the crew at Arrowhead


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