22 February 2015

Michigan winter is so much fun!

This winter started innocently enough but now, mid February , it is brutally cold. Lows in the negative numbers and highs hardly making it in to the teens most days. The only cure for this is dreaming of the spring ephemerals that will be ready to pop out of the ground like magic at the first opportunity come spring.

Dicentra cucullaria

Trillium grandiflorum
 Now you are probably chiding yourself for not going ahead last fall and placing a bare root wildflower order for fall planting like you had planned, but you know….it is not too late to order for early spring planting and you will not find yourself in the same position next year.
The very best time to plant is in the fall, but as it is too late for that, the next best is EARLY spring, as soon as the ground thaws. We will send them to you while they are still dormant and if you plant them right away you do not have to worry about late frost because they will be under ground. If you can’t plant right away you can keep them in the original packing in a very cool area, like your garage or the refrigerator till you are ready.

Hepatica acutiloba 

Trillium cuneatum

Here’s to hoping winter will go away soon! (I do need to have words with this groundhog)


Rebecca said...

I so much enjoy discovering these short lived wild flowers as they reappear each spring! Became aware of them through a wild flower project in high school, 45 years later and I am still thrilled to see them!

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I am also a great fan of Michigan weather.I am so happy to know about these different kind of wild flowers which grow in fall.

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