01 May 2011

May Day

May came in with perfectly glorious weather, so I spent the day out in the garden, weeding, looking about, and soaking in the beauty... here's some random shots of what I was enjoying.
A drift of Anemone blanda
The crinkly, purpley, glossy leaves of Ajuga 'Metallica Crispa'
Another favorite Anemone, 'Bracteata Pleniflora'
The feather new growth of bronze fennel

The unfolding leaves of variegated honesty (Lunaria annua)
And, of course, the obligatory daffodils


Tom said...

This year is the first time I've ever seen A. blanda and I've completely fallen in love with them. I think I'm going to have to plant about 4 billion of them this fall (if I actually remember in the fall).

Veronica Segura said...

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- Veronica Segura
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Iyaz Khan said...

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