10 May 2011

Species tulips

I planted a few species tulips last fall. I'm just starting to explore the genus, but I'm quite taken with them. Compared to the standard hybrid tulips (which I also love) the forms are quite delicate and graceful. I'm going to have to try a lot more this year...
Tulipa tarda So cheerful! Also tough and spreads vigorous for me.
Tulipa 'Little Beauty' 
'Little Beauty' again... LOVE the blue at the base of the flower. I tried growing it as a teenager at my parent's house... where it became instant deer food. I'm hoping it lives long and well in my current (mostly deer-free) garden.

Tulipa clusiana A flower close-up.
Tulipa clusiana Bad picture of the whole plant. I don't think I've captured how delicate and graceful they are. I'm in love.

Tulipa batalinii Delicately amazing little flower.
Any species tulip fans out that? Recommendations for what I should try next?


Tom said...

Anything from Tulipa humilis is going to be great (there are lots of similar cultivars, I'm pretty sure Little Beauty is one of them). Clusiana is also a good species. I've never tried http://www.brentandbeckysbulbs.com/spring/productview/?sku=02-1440 but it looks so cool I think I'm going to have to order some. I love species tulips, I've got them all over my parents yard. They're great for really tough places, I've got patches of them all over my cactus and succulent garden. I can't remember the name of the company but one of the commonly available bulb brands sells a package called "Deer Resistant Mix" that is a mix of about 10 species and they're great. I can't speak for the deer resistance but they blooms are awesome! Sorry if this is kind of longwinded and poorly phrased... I lose my ability to write well when I get excited about something.

Alison said...

I love species tulips so much more than the regular ones. That 'Little Beauty' is well-named. I have one called Red Hunter, I'd like to have more.

Joseph said...

Thanks for sharing your excitement! We plant nerds know what you're talking about...
I didn't know any tulips were deer resistant! Thankfully my current garden is nearly deer-free, so I don't have to find out.
I'm not sure on the origin of 'Little Beauty' I think it may be a hybrid of some kind. I should find out. But I'll certainly add humilis to my list for next year.

Joseph said...

I'll be sure to check out 'Red Hunter'! And I think I'm going to add a lot more 'Little Beauty' next year. I'm kinda in love with it.

Diana said...

I am developing an obsession with tulips. Love the species tulips! humilis 'Odalisque' is the first in the spring and it returns very well - a nice early bloomer. I also love love love Tinka (not sure of the species). I have them all over the place. They are tall and graceful with a long bloom period. I also like Gavota. A nice, tall red and yellow. Yum.

The only species tulip I have not been happy with is a gregii (I think) called Formosa. It looked great the first year and this year it has one bloom. Disappointing. I notice it's not in this years B&B catalog.

And now I have my Brent and Becky's catalog open to the tulips - species and miscellaneous and I'm trying to decide what to order for next year.

Joseph said...

Thanks for the recommendations Diana! My list keeps getting longer and longer... :)

Karen Cohen said...

Ok, so where do I order species tulips? I live in zone 7 North Carolina. I heard about "lady jane" and Lilac Wonderland." Any suggestions or how about swapping some?

Joseph said...

Karen, I always order from McClure and Zimmerman. They've got a great selection and I've always been very happy with their quality.

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