18 September 2010

On the radio -- again!

I'm on The Splendid Table again this weekend talking about breeding tomatoes! Download the podcast to hear all the fun!.

If you are a Splendid Table listener visiting for the first time, welcome to my plant obsessed universe!I hope you'll poke around, comment, and ask questions. Check out my cartoons, my obsession with slightly odd plants, or my sciency stuff.
If you are curious about plant breeding, I have complete instructions on how to breed your own tomato here (it is really easy -- I promise) and if you need more convincing, I wrote a slightly over-the-top essay (I get excited about this stuff...) about why plant breeding is so awesome here.


danger garden said...

Damn! We caught the intro but arrived home just after that. Since we were listening on the car stereo that's when we stopped listening, before you came on.

Joseph said...

Danger Garden,
That is why god invented podcasts. http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/listings/100918/

danger garden said...

Back when I had a job I was very good at listening to podcasts. Now, not so much. Odd that employment gave me so much more "downtime" than unemployment. But...this seems like a good enough reason to get back into the groove. Thanks for the push.

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