06 May 2010

Wisteria wonder

We are enjoying a perfectly spectacular spring here in Michigan, and I have to pass along this glorious wisteria blooming in the MSU perennial gardens. If only I could include the delicious fragrance in this post as well...

Makes you want to rush out and buy one, doesn't it? I was talking about it with one of the faculty who has been here a while and he said he felt like he'd been waiting 20 years to see a display like this from that vine. The fact is, while wisteria is glorious they take a while to really settle in and get blooming. The moral of this is, of course, to go plant a wisteria RIGHT NOW so you can get to the amazing display as soon as possible.


Sarah said...

Beautiful picture and it's great that you're enjoying the lavender wisteria blooms!

By the way, wisteria is a very invasive vine in the southeast and established vines require pruning 4 times a year even as far as New York state. In Georgia wisteria ropes into a half-foot vine that can take down even tall natives like loblolly pines and water oaks.

While wisteria has a spicy, rich fragrance and beautiful blossoms, please remember that it can be very invasive and produce cable-thick roots 5 inches under the ground in certain climates. In Decatur GA, we tore up 12 yard-bags of wisteria vine when we move into our quarter acre lot and we still have wisteria coming up every year.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Too bad my HOA doesn't allow plants that are intertwined with the balcony railings. It would look awesome with wisteria! Great pics!

Greensparrow said...

Good points -- here in Michigan wisteria is actually a fairly well-behaved vine, but you are right: In the South, I wouldn't recommend them.