12 May 2010

Wednesday Links

Starting off, an odd little story from The Hindu newspaper about the potential for growing a particular variety of strawberry in space. I pass this along in case any of my readers garden on the international space station.

Deborah Silver, over at Dirt Simple describes exactly what we have been enjoying here in Michigan in her post, Best Spring Ever. (Also see her good advice on not being tempted by the early warmth to plant tender things too early)

Utah State University extension produces an excellent educational video on controlling a vicious new invasive species (Do click through -- VERY funny.)

The heavy metal band Conteched had to cancel a show due to a "bizarre gardening accident" (I've never heard of this band either, but it made me giggle, so I'm sharing.)

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Mary C. said...

Thank you SO much for sharing that video on the control of a terrible invasive specie!