27 May 2010

My favorite tree (at least right now)

I'm a huge fan of American yellowwood (Cladrastis kentuckea). A US native with smooth silvery bark like a beach, lovely yellow fall color, and right now, this:
Big clusters of dangling, fragrant white flowers almost like a wisteria. Sadly, though, not everyone has the same experience with this tree. Mr. McGregor's Daughter just posted pictures of her tree, and they look pretty sad. I'm not sure what the difference is: She's in Northern Illinois, I'm in Central Michigan, both zone 5. Here the show tends to be this impressive every other year, but she says her's hasn't flower in 5 years! This particular tree is sheltered by a big building, but there are lots of them around campus, and they all look amazing. Any theories?


MAT kinase said...

Ohh so that's what those are! I was wondering about them. From a distance I was guessing locusts.

College Gardener said...

These are beautiful but you hardly ever see them around here in the Detroit suburbs, though if they do well in Lansing one would think they would thrive here as well...I hope people will begin to plant more of them.

Tom said...

We got nice flowers of them at the University of Minnesota in Saint Paul... They really are nice!

sebastopol certified arborist said...

Go through the below link for details on American yellowwood: