22 October 2010

The Friday cartoon is on vacation

Sorry folks... insanely busy week, and no Friday cartoon got drawn.

But I have got another treat for you. I am Ken Druse's guest this week on his radio show/podcast Real Dirt! Head over there, and you can hear us chat. We start on tomato breeding and go from there to... well, just about everything. I had fun doing it, and Ken is awesome, so go check it out. While you are there, do nose around some of the older episodes -- Ken talks to a lot of cool people.

If, however, you  really require a cartoon today, this is one of my favorite older ones. And you can also buy a whole 2011 calendar of my cartoons on zazzle! I promise that 100% of the proceeds will go towards my spring seed orders.


Cyndy said...

Just spotted Ken's post - congratulations!

Garden Lily said...

Thanks, I got my Friday laugh from your comment about not considering 500 plants as being a problem. I was thinking the same thing!

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Ken Druse writes that you are working on breeding hardy Agapanthus. Please keep us Zone 4 gardeners in mind. We would be most grateful.

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

I have always lived in a multicultural city so I tend to pronounce family names closer to their authentic origin more often than do most other North Americans. Ken and I have different pronunciations for your family name as I place the emphasis on the "iev" and he places it on the "chon". I pronounce the "ch" softly from the back of the throat as do the Russians and the Middle Easterners while he pronounces it as a hard "k". Where do you stand on this matter?

Joseph said...

I live in zone 5, so right now I can't really test to see if anything is hardier than that -- which makes it hard to breed for zone 4. But if I get some cool seedlings, maybe I can send some your way to see how they do.
Also, you pronounce my name closer to how it would be back in Europe, but when my great grandparents came over here they switched to an Americanized pronunciation (and, actually, tweeked the spelling -- it used to end -wicz not -vich) so I, and the rest of my family, say my name the way Ken did.