22 April 2010

Woodland white

One of my favorite things about where I currently live is my commute. Every day I get to ride my bicycle 7 miles along a bike trail through lovely woodlands. It is always a wonderful, stress-relieving ride, but right now, in the midst of one of the most incredible springs on record it is breath taking.

White trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) in full bloom:

Anemonella thalictroides:

More anemonella with spring beauty (Claytonia virginica)
The woods are a sea of flowers...


Aaerelon said...

Very nice! The Claytonia and Trillium are blooming here too but not in dense patches like that.

Sheila H from MN said...

I wish I could get my woodland garden to look like that! You are lucky to be able to ride your bike through that. That would be a highlight of my day! Trilliums are so expensive and they are slow to multiple. Wish I know of a cheaper way to get them to multiple quickly! I want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I learn a lot from you!

Joseph said...

Thank you for the kind words!
Yes, nature certainly has a way of out doing all the gardeners in the world, sometimes.
And yes about trillium... everyone wishes there was a cheap way to make more of them -- that is why they are so expensive. If they every get tissue culture figured out for them, maybe they become cheaper.

Paige Tucker said...

I am really amazed to see this part of the nature that you have been sharing in this blog. Now I would be waiting for the spring to be here on time when nature will fulfill at every place.

Sophie Grace said...

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