03 March 2010

Wednesday Links

Loree, of Danger Garden, is growing an agave. In her car. Yes, as in INSIDE her car. Proof, finally, that I am NOT the biggest plant nerd in the world.

The always excellent Jeff Gillman muses about the relative toxicity of caffeine and 2,4-D herbicide.

Seeds in the City bids goodbye to their dead bee hive... They've had a sad series of posts about the death of the hive, and it is keeping me on the fence about getting a hive for myself. But if clearly, they have no regrets... should I? Shouldn't I? Bees? No bees? Maybe next year? I can't decide.

Biofortified shares a terrific comic about the dreadful inaccuracy with which the term "organic" is used. For science nerds only.

Gardening Asylum posts about the excellent and very under-appreciated Corydalis lutea.


Cyndy said...

Joseph, thanks for the linkage and the direction to some fascinating posts - I never thought of the car as a possible planting site, but I'm open!

Aaerelon said...

That is awesome!

danger garden said...

So I guess you are really calling me the biggest plant nerd in the world? Shouldn't that come with a banner, badge or something that I can put on my blog?

Thanks for the link...and the compliment!

Joseph said...

Wow, yes it SHOULD come with a badge for your blog. I'll have to work on that...