06 March 2010

Photos of ideas 3: Happy topiary

I apologize for the truly wretched quality of this picture, but I can't resist sharing it:
Do you see the little topiary bear, his arms raised as if he's jumping for joy, tucked back in the middle of all the other shrubs? This is a picture of the growing field of a nursery in Japan that sells shrubs, most of which have been sculpted into some shape or the other. I love this particular image because it reminds me to be a little fun and silly in the garden. Too often I get so obsessed with creating the "perfect" design I forget to be a little goofy. I need to tuck more joyous bears in my garden this year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joseph, Having very recently posted on the use of topiary in gardens, 'Shear Delight', I was most intrigued with the photograph of a happy, smiling [no doubt], dancing bear in the middle of all those conifers.

Although personally I prefer classical shapes, the idea of some fun element to a garden is, I think, important.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

A topiary Godzilla would be good in that position, too.

Also, shouldn't this be "Photos of ideas 3"?

Joseph said...

Ha! You are right Wm. I will change it to 3. I shouldn't try numbering my posts... I just get confused.