06 November 2009

Inspiration for one last round of bulb buying

The spring before last I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Netherlands in the height of the tulip season, and the visit the mind-blowing orgy of bulbs that is The Keukenhof. Given there is still time to buy a few bulbs for the garden, I'm posting some photos from that trip as inspiration/temptation... You know you need more bulbs.

First, the amazing river of Muscari.

A gorgeous interplanting of tulips and anemones

Just a few tulips and hyacinths in a graceful, fragrant arc

A macro shot to demonstrate why you really should be growing fringed tulips

There's still time to plant, and the nurseries will have them all on sale... go on, you know you need more bulbs.


Nell Jean said...

I always wanted a river of muscari, but never managed more than a trickle. They don't thrive and multiply here.

Lona said...

Wow, what a gorgeous bed of muscari and tulips! Makes one want to at least have a small river or trickle, as Nell stated, of them going somewhere in the garden.If only... I will enjoy yours though through pictures.