17 April 2013

Here, there, and everywhere

It is a running-around-like-crazy sort of week, giving a talk to a garden club in Harland MI this evening, and then on to Pittsburgh this weekend for two more talks and a round of plant selling (read more about it here: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/life/garden/alpines-are-for-gardeners-who-are-thinking-fairy-small-683260/)

Meanwhile, I had a LOVELY time at Detroit Garden Works last weekend, and met a lot of great people, including Susan, who wrote this great post about the event on her blog: http://www.allaboutmygarden.com/2013/04/spring-fair-at-detroit-garden-works/

And... warm weather! Feels like spring is finally here! Need to make time to plant some peas...


Acantholimon said...

We have GOT to get you out to Colorado some time soon: I'll bet you are a terrific speaker! Hope Sales are popping: spring is stalled here (worst spring ever)...Oh well. Love your posts.

Joseph Tychonievich said...

Me? Get out to Colorado? Um... Check out what is on the schedule for the Rocky Mountain chapter of NARGS on October 19... :)