21 September 2011

Evolution of a garden

It is fall, the time I start looking back at pictures, evaluating how the garden did this year, and think about what I want to do next. I've been thinking about my front garden.
Three years ago I bought my house. The day I closed I signed the papers, got my key, drove to the house, and planted crocuses. Sure, there was a window missing and a pile of raccoon feces upstairs, but crocuses come first. One has to have priorities.
We worked in the interior all winter, and come spring, I started on the outside.
One year in, the house has been painted, and gardens are starting.
Every spring I'm glad I put a priority on crocuses.
And come summer, things begin to fill in.

This is, strangely enough, the longest I've gardened in any once place since I moved out a decade ago. I've loved coaxing this garden into being, and am looking forward to helping it continue to grow and mature!


Fairegarden said...

You have done such a wonderful and creative job, Joseph, it looks great! Gardening is certainly a process, never finished. I love the fennel with the Lucifer, brilliant combination! I plant as soon as closing on a house, too. Crocus were a wise choice.


Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Quite the welcome mat.

We moved into our house in the Spring, so compost bins and mulch were my priorities, in addition to moving plants from the old garden.

Laurrie said...

I love seeing before and after transformations and yours is quite dramatic. When there is so much renovation to do, start with the earth and plant things first --- you were right on that!

Joseph said...

Thank you Faire!

Xris, Yes, compost bins are also a must. And I had plants in pots from my previous garden forever.

You know it! I can live in a half-finished house, but what is spring without crocuses?

danger garden said...

Looks like you also made it a priority to remove that weird fence moustache in front of your house!

I love posts like this when you get to see a series of wide shot before and afters, well done! So what changes are you thinking on for next year?

Joseph said...

Danger Garden,
Yes, the fence was strange... Next year I'm hoping to leave this part of the garden more-or-less alone, and focus on the gardens on the side and back of the house. I also want to dig a pond. We'll see how far the money goes.

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Blue paint for the house exterior was a good choice.

greenman said...

Lovelly house & garden.

Anonymous said...

Love see the changes in just a few years - it is so exciting to begin, but also fun to see the changes that happen over time. Agree that house color is perfect!

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