15 September 2011

Chance of frost tonight

The weather man is predicting a chance of scattered frost tonight... We all know what that means.

Frost and sheets


danger garden said...

Frost in mid-September...that's just sad.

Carol Michel said...

What? I thought the gardener was the normal person.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly the way it is at my house, too!

Randy Emmitt said...

Hard to believe frost already! It was hot and steamy here today, but we expect 50s in the morning, we are in NC. Just found your blog, good reading.

Joseph said...

Danger Garden, well, turns out we dodged the bullet, so I think I've got another couple weeks! Yay!

Um... I wouldn't rely on your idea of "normal"

I know, right? Plants before beds!

Welcome! Glad you are enjoying the blog. A lot of my family is in NC... I wouldn't mind your short winters, but I don't mind missing your hot, hot summers.

Unknown said...

Personally, I prefer Carol's idea of normal, too! ;)

(Love the cartoon, btw!)