20 July 2011

Crocosmia and fennel

One of my favorite combinations is looking lovely in the front garden right now:

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' and bronze fennel. Both beautiful, and wonderfully carefree, fazed neither by our cold winters or out current week of blisteringly hot, dry weather.


valleyclay said...

Love Crocosmia! However, the only thing I love about purple fennel is the color and fragrance. Here is z6b it is a nasty self seeder with a taproot to China and beckons to every wasp within a mile to come pollinate!

Tom said...

So pretty! I finally got to see it in person this year (for the first time ever) and I need more more more of it!

Joseph said...

Climate makes all the difference. The fennel does self-seed for me, but not obnoxiously. Though I do tend to deadhead it to reduce the numbers.
Go for it!

Unknown said...

Love this combination! I wish that I had space in front of my fennel for some crocosmia... *sigh*

Cassy said...

Crocosmia flower is so gorgeous. Love it.

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Stanley said...

Nice post thanks ffor sharing