29 July 2011

Chatting with the great Ken Druse!

You all follow Ken Druse's Radio show/pod cast Real Dirt, right? Well, you should. Especially because this week his guest is... ME! We had great time chatting about cool plants, and I hope you'll have a good time listening to it. If you REALLY enjoy it, and want to hear more you can check out when I was a guest back in October of last year as well.
Oh, and all you Ken Druse fans who are coming here because you heard me on the show, welcome! I'm not half as cool as Ken, but I try, and I have a lot of fun. I hope you'll look around and hopefully find some stuff here you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

You are too cool for school. Can't wait to have you back on air. Think of something strange and wonderful for -- November? You may have to remind me.
Your devoted fan,


Benjamin Vogt said...

Wow, pretty darn cool. How's you swing that? I'll have to take a listen. Maybe Ken can interview me about, oh, right....