16 March 2011

The Ghost of Gardeners Past

I saw a ghost while bicycling home today, just a flash of white on a bank of tangled scrub.

I stopped, and taking a closer look, found a glorious drift of snowdrops
Clearly, a ghost of a gardener. A gardener, in fact named Veronika Vitums. How do I know that? Well, just at the top of that bank of snowdrops, I found this:

Snow drops nestled up against the gravestone of someone who loved them very much.
Even in death, gardeners can't help but send out flowers into the world to celebrate the arrival of spring. I don't know who Veronika was, but I think we would have got on. And I thank her very much for the beauty she sent out into my life today.


danger garden said...

What a great post! Noticing little things like this in the world is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

What a great treat! Plan on planting snowdrops ASAP!