11 March 2011

First crocus of the year!

(And, in the background, though you can't really see it, is my agave -- still alive! Take that, winter!)


danger garden said...

YAY! (just to be clear I am am Yaying for the agave not the crocus...they are fine and all but the fact you had an agave make it through the winter, now THAT IS COOL!)

Carlie said...

Here's a big cheer for both the agave and the crocus! I grew up in Michigan and know exactly how much loud cheering even the lowly crocus deserves after a long Midwestern winter. Huzzah!!! You're gonna make it!

Anonymous said...


I got stuck in snow and had to dig up my car when I went to my community garden plot to check for flowers, silly me.
Still a foot of snow in central New York.

BlueJay said...

My first crocus of the year is yellow too! The winter is dragging on and on here in BC, it hasn't stopped raining in two weeks.