07 April 2010

Wednesday Links

After a couple weeks off, Wednesday Links is back!

I love Hakonechloa but really am not a big fan of yellow variegation. So I'm excited there is finally a good white variegated form on the market!

The Wall Street Journal has a nice story on horticulture therapy. My garden is TOTALLY therapy for me, the ultimate stress reliever and generally keeps me sane, but I never knew if that was something fundamental about gardening, or just a quirk in my personality. Looks like it is more of the first, though I'm sure it is a combination of the two.

Chani, over at the Timber Press blog writes a defense of dandelions -- with which I absolutely agree. I love them. I'm even going to try growing pink ones this year

The Germinatrix writes about echium. I won't say any more... it is classic Germinatrix, and you just have to go read it. I'm kind of obsessed with echium at the moment (a surprising number are turning out to be hardy for me) so maybe I'll post about them soon.


allanbecker-gardenguru said...

1]Thanks for bringing the new Hakonechloa to my attention.

2] The Wall Street Journal must have been inspired by the blog that I wrote on Horticultural Therapy several weeks ago. My posting was first picked up by the Basil and Spice web site and they disseminated it farther than my gardening blog could ever reach. From there the article was picked up by 4 other health-related online newsletters.
Isn't it awesome how the internet has empowered us?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the heads up on that Hakonechloa. Had not seen it and now I'm so glad I didn't get one of the yellow variegated forms (Hakonechloa & Hosta are the only two plants where I'll really even consider yellow variegation).

Definitely going to pick at least of those up this year.

Anonymous said...

The pink dandelions look cool. Have you planted any yet? I wonder if they spread as easily as the yellow ones and stay pink. I'm totally picturing a yard full of pink dandelions and my daughter twirling in her pink fairy dress.

BTW, the tomato seeds you sent have gotten off to a decent start. The early batch barely did anything. The regular sowing took longer to germinate than all of my other tomatoes, but did eventually germinate. Probably for the best anyway, the survivors from the early sowing had problems and have finally been laid to rest in the compost heap.

Joseph said...

Haven't planted the pink dandelions yet -- probably this weekend or next.
And good luck with the tomatoes! They do seem to be a bit slower the germinate than regular types. If they are like their parents, though, they won't be slow once they get in the ground.

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