01 October 2009

Beautiful bulbs...

I got home yesterday from a long day at work to find a satisfyingly heafty box from McClure and Zimmerman. I rushed inside, pulled it open and started pulling out bag after bag of allium (schubertii, christophii), daffodils ('Minnow', 'Rinjveld's early sensation', my all-time favorite, 'Thalia'), not to mention iris, eranthus, and more allium. I was giddy. There is nothing like bulbs -- so healthy and hearty looking, so easy to slip into the ground, such compact little promises of spring. When I got to the 8 dozen Scilla siberica bulbs (I know... I should have ordered more) I was so happy I couldn't resist any more -- I lifted the bags to my lips and started kissing the little beauties.

At which point my partner walked in.

Oh well. He already knew I was a deranged gardener.

1 comment:

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Don't kiss those narcissus bulbs though! They're poisonous. Great to meet another bulb freak.