01 April 2016

If you're out of ideas for what to plant this season, we can help. Ordering one of our plant collections can help take some of the work out of planning your next garden project. We've got a wide range of categories to choose from, and will further specialize our picks based on any conditions you can give us.

Here's a look at some of our collections:

Shade Garden Collection: (click here for more details)

Shade gardens make for some of the most special, relaxing spots you can create. Ferns, Hellebores, wildflowers, all necessities for the understory of a shade garden -- and we have quite the selection. We can make some great choices for any low-light environment you may have. Available in quantities of 12, 24, or 36 shade plants.

Sun Garden Collection: (click here for more details)

If you have a particularly sunny spot in the garden in need of some help, we've got what you need. Place your order and leave some notes for us in the comments, and we can make some great picks while you can enjoy the fun parts -- planting and enjoying the results. Available in quantities of 12, 24, or 36 sun-loving plants.

Trough Garden Collection: (click here for more details) 

Troughs are always a treat to plant. Much like a miniature rock garden, but one big plus is you have complete control over the soil, positioning for light, drainage, and other environmental variables. If a stone trough is hard to come by, don't forget wood makes a fine material for troughs too. Available in very small, small, medium, or large.

Rock Garden Collection: (click here for more details)

This is a great choice if you're interested in getting started with rock gardening, or for the experienced as well. We can tailor our picks to each gardener either way. If you can find a good source of tufa, or limestone, or any number of beautiful choices for rocks, stones, and boulders, it can be a very rewarding experience to start to fill in the rock garden. Comes in quantities of 18, 36, or 54 plants.

Primula Collection: (click here for more details) 

If you want spectacular flowers look no further. These are some of the P. allionii hybrids that have popped up at Arrowhead, and they come in a fantastic range of colors. Excellent tolerance of the summer heat and non-fussy plants overall. Comes in an assortment of six or twelve Primulas.

Sempervivum Collection: (click here for more details)

There's something very simple and lovely about Sempervivums. There is the rather fascinating evolutionary trait in the arachnoideum species that scares off insects by imitating the look of spider webs. For the rock garden, they're certainly among the most frost tolerant succulents (the name itself is a reference to how relatively indestructible they are). Comes in quantities of 6, 12, or 24, but as they spread they're extremely easy to divide and you'll almost certainly have more then you know what to do with.

Crevice Garden Collection: (click here for more details)

32 plants designed to fill vertical crevices in a rock garden. Rock gardens built on a slope, with long crevices provide the best environment for this collection.

Fairy Garden/Miniature Landscape: (click here for more details) 

Selected to create the illusion of size in a small package. Includes a bunch of miniature alpines with either a dwarf conifer or small shrub. Your choice of small, medium, or large quantity.

Tempted by any of these collections? Want to place an order? Visit our online store. If you have any questions about our collections, or anything else, please email us here.


Edmond G. Belanger said...


michael greenfingers said...

I can think about various positive explanations behind making a rock garden. Once settled they are low upkeep. Additionally in this season of environmental change, they are dry spell tolerant. Rock gardens are regularly connected with a Mediterranean style of planting and plants found in this locale are in a perfect world suited.

Anthony David said...

What to do when in your garden? Here are answers on what to plant in March, when to prune, when to prepare (and what) and extra March gardening data.

Juana Wright said...

Learn the basic steps and concepts of Japanese Gardening. This article contains useful information on how to give any common garden a Japanese atmosphere with harmonious results.

Lucy M. Clark said...

Inventive shade cultivating can be very basic in the event that you first understand that not each plant in your arranging needs to sprout. Alongside blossoming blooms, there is a considerable measure that you can do with shade gardens.

Tom Bradly said...

The garden definitely looked awesome - I wish I had this much space! It's great to walk around flowering cacti - there's something so quirky and fun about it!

Jimy said...

I think that the combination of rock garden and crevice garden collections can prove to be a perfect and suitable idea. Both of them are easy to maintain and cheap to purchase and look beautiful.

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It's stunningly beautiful. Although every plant should have its own care, I'm ready to spend time in order to be as beautiful in my garden!

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What a beautiful garden! Please keep up the great photos :)

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I used to think that only in the sun you can create a nice and beautiful garden, but I met several options on how to decorate the garden in the shady side and it also looks beautiful.

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Each collection can make all your dreams come true. We will also be able to choose the plants depending on the characteristics of the soil and the location of the garden.

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Steve Jefferson said...

What beautiful pics! Can't wait to see your next project! I'll definitely use your decoration ideas in my garden.

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