26 February 2013

So much good news it is a little surreal feeling.

So... It has been a pretty stunning month or so.

Let's start with this:
That is my book. Multiple copies of it. Sitting in a box. On my desk. Excuse me while I run around screaming. This means that if you pre-ordered it on Amazon, it should be arriving soon. If you haven't yet, you can go do it here: http://www.amazon.com/Plant-Breeding-Home-Gardener-Vegetables/dp/1604693649/

Okay. That is a lot. But there is also this:
That is Organic Gardening magazine, and that is a picture of me. Which is pretty insane. Not an article by me in organic gardening, which would be cool in its own right, but an article about me and five other young plant people. I'm kinda in shock. I also really, really wish my Grandma Tychonievich was alive to see it. One of her proudest accomplishments was publishing an article in Organic Gardening about growing asparagus. She'd be very happy to see her grandson gracing the same pages.

Moving on, how about this? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/07/garden/trees-that-make-the-best-neighbors.html
A great article recommending Arrowhead as a source for cool trees and shrubs, in The New York Times. Not too shabby.

Closer to home, we just finished hosting the annual Winter Sucks Party here at Arrowhead
Normally this space is full of plants and dirt and pots. This is what it looked like halfway through decorating. The next day, that counter where we usually box up plants for shipping was COVERED with amazing food, and the tables full of plant friends and customers. The weather was decent, and we had a great time. If you live fairly nearby, you can plan to come next year -- it is always the last Saturday in February, and of course we also have the Summer Rocks party in July.

And on top of all that good news, perhaps the best is this:
Cyclamen coum is flowering and SPRING IS COMING!!!!


scottweberpdx said...

Everything about this post is amazing...congrats on every level :-D

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Would you care to write a blog about your grandmother and gardening and how here article came to be published ?

danger garden said...

Not to get all wired and spiritual on you (as I am not, spiritual that is...) but me thinks your grandma knows and is proud. Yay for you! Good things happen to good people.

Mario said...

Wow Joseph. Everything looks amazing. I did think of you as I was reading the NYTimes article a while ago. Congratulations. I gotta get a copy of the book now!

Cody said...

the above is all well and good, but the best thing is getting to work with me. i understand if you have a hard time holding in your excitement.

Joseph said...

Thanks Scott!

Allan, that's a good idea, I should write about my gardening heritage.

Danger Garden, Thanks... and yeah, I'm not spiritual either, but somehow it does feel like Grandma knows.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the book!

Yeah...you figured me out. :)

Larry said...

Congratulations on your book!! I also studied plant breeding, at the University of Wisconsin, and have always been fascinated by what a simple process it really is. My first project was just to pull out all the pale Johnny-Jump-Ups in my garden and favor the ones with less yellow. In three years the population was mostly purple.

In any case I just ordered two copies of your book, one for me and one to give as a gift.

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