20 April 2012

On the radio and other news

Two things:

First, I'm on The Splendid Table again this weekend! Catch it on your local NPR station (2pm on Sundays for fellow listeners of Michigan Radio), or listen to the podcast.

Secondly, as you may have noticed (or not, given it is spring and you are all no doubt busily gardening away rather than wasting time on-line) I've not been posting here much lately. These days I'm pretty deeply focused on my amazing, wonderful, dream-come-true job at Arrowhead Alpines, and blogging has sorta gotten bumped down to lower priority. I was tempted to say I'm too busy to blog, which really wouldn't be true. Technically, I'm no busier than I was than when I started the blog, and I certainly have free time, but I've been choosing to use that time doing things like reading novels (most recently, 1Q84 and The Hunger Games – both were excellent) and cooking elaborate dinners for myself. Which is nice. I've been enjoying it.
So, I'm not sure what the long-term prognosis for this blog is. I don't think I want to let it die, it has been a lot of fun and done a lot of wonderful things for me – actually, to be honest, this blog has brought me just about every single good thing that has happened in my life in the past couple years. But it needs to evolve. Or maybe I just need a break. We'll see.
In the mean time, I post fairly regularly on Arrowhead Alpine's facebook page, so you can go “like” that if you want to see pictures and comments from my new life there.


Riz Reyes said...

A good friend recently reminded me to live the dream. Blogging seems to be an obligation at times especially when you have such a loyal following.

I've often asked if it was worth it as it's so time consuming to post and "time is money". Now if you were actually paid to blog, then YEAH...
It's fun and I love to share my stories and experiences, but it hasn't done much in terms of income to support my activities.

A break is perfectly acceptable or even just short posts every two weeks just to let your followers know that you're still alive and doing what you love to do.

You've exceeded any expectation anyone has of you. You go do your thang!

elizabethneubauer said...

I'd miss your blog if you discontinue it. I like your humor, scientific and down to earth approach (yes, pun intended) to plants and gardening. But I do understand that sometimes you just don't have anything to say or that right now you are talking through cooking. I'm glad to know you are posting over on fb and I can find your insights there.

Whatever you decided, have fun!