13 January 2012

Quick link: Plant breeding ain't hard

I'm always going on about plant breeding. I love it. It is a blast. I'm writing a book about it. It is also sometimes incredibly easy, as easy as letting violas self sow and picking out your favorites as they bloom. To see how much fun (and how lovely) that can be, go check out Faire Garden's gorgeous (and amusing) Viola Beauty Pageant. Anything with some variability that self-sows in your garden -- be they violas, columbine, or even lettuce -- can be treated the same way to create your very own strain. Collect some up, let them get down and dirty together, and pick out your favorites!


scottweberpdx said...

Those spontaneous cross are one of my favorite aspects of gardening. I'm loathe to pull up any stray Columbine seedling for fear it may turn out to be something AMAZING!

Fairegarden said...

Thanks for the linkage, Joseph. While I don't try to save the violas, or really interefere in their doings, there are other unique plants, like Heucheras, whose volunteers have shown unique characteristics. Since those are perennial, they have been potted up while we wait for them to grow larger to divide. The most fun part is naming them. Faire Piecrust is up and coming! Good luck on your book, my friend!

Garden Lily said...

The Viola Beauty Pageant was fun - thanks for the link!