04 February 2011

Friday Cartoon: Dealing with snow

Given most of the country got hammered with snow this week, I thought I'd share how I, a native of the Snow Belt deal with snow. Denial.


Nic said...

Exactly my sentiment... :)

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

The efficient snow removal service in my town cleared the roads, by leaving 5 feet high banks of snow along the side of the streets, for the snow blowing trucks to transfer onto our lawns.
When I covered my eyes as your cartoon character did, a little voice inside my head whispered "Come back in April"

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm happy to have the snow. I keep imagining my plants kept safely at 32F under the 20 inches of snow, while the air temperature plummets below zero. I'd rather have too much snow, than none at all.

Potted Farm said...

I think denial is the only option at this point. Or overzealous planning of the year's garden.

Beth said...

You're a funny guy! Someone sent me your YouTube taxonomy video and I was like "Hey, I read that guy's blog!" You're famous! =)
I'm so glad to see some youth in the gardening blogashpere, keep it awesome!