14 July 2010

The smell of disappointment

This is a picture of  one of my night scented stock, Matthiola longipetala. It is a ratty little weedy looking thing, which is okay. It is supposed to look like that. But those white flowers that open up every evening are supposed to be incredibly fragrant. Only mine aren't. I planted them in a little nook next to the porch so they could perfume summer evenings, but though the flowers open every evening, they have no scent to speak of. If I get down on my knees and shove my nose into them, I can just barely smell them -- but that is all! I'm so sad. Do mine just not smell? Can I just not smell them? Do they need something special in order to smell?


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Well, that just stinks. Are you sure that's stock? I've only grown the doubles, and they smell of cloves. Yank it.

Matt DiLeo said...

That's too bad... I think scented flowers are really really underutilized. I just discovered stock in SSE the other week and don't know anything about it but hoped to try it myself when I get a place.

Gail said...

How disappointing! I've seen Stargazer lilies in pots at our local grocery store...you could get them and transplant them later this fall! They really scent the night. gail

meemsnyc said...

What a bummer that it doesn't have a good scent!

Joseph said...

Mrs. MD:
It isn't stock, it is night scented stock, which is a different species. And SUPPOSEDLY more fragrant. I probably will yank it.

I know -- one of my goals for this year was to bring more fragrance into the garden and now I'm bummed.

Good idea! I've also got moon flowers coming along in the same spot, so hopefully they'll be providing evening fragrance soon here.

Totally. I'm going to pout about it until something else starts flowering... which is about 5 minutes, this time of year... :)

Helen said...

I've tried Matthiola, only to have them not come up. Perhaps they're the pouting kind themselves, and don't grow or smell unless they feel like it.

Val said...

riI just came upon this old evening scented stock piece and mine are quite lavender colored and yours is white. Maybe that is connected with no fragrance.Don't give up-they're deliciously fragrant. I tuck mine everywhere-in windowboxes they perfume the house.