16 August 2009

Moss gardening

Ever since I read George Schenk's gorgeously photographed and charmingly written book Moss Gardening I've been itching to try it. The book is full lovely photographs of lush gardens carpeted with rich green tapestries of moss. And I mean tapestry -- each stretch of moss is richly interwoven with a thousand different shades of green as different species of moss (and sometimes lichen) grow together.
So, I'm trying it. In a shady part of the yard where grass doesn't much want to grow anyway, I just ripped out an exceptinally ugly raised bed left by the previous owner, and in the resulting patch of bare soil, I carefully transplated little chunks of moss gathered from around the yard (and even the old singles from the roof I'm replacing) and placed them about 6 inches apart on the bare soil. It looks rather sad at the moment (I still haven't replaced my camera so you'll have to use your imagination) but hopefully with regular watering and time they'll grow together and form a lovely carpet. If it works, I plan to round up all the grass in the side yard and replace it all with moss.


Mary C. said...

hmmm... a possibility for my little side yard area...thanks.

Joseph said...

I hope you try in Mary! I've be posting an update on the progress of the moss soon -- they're growing and spreading rapidly in the cool, moist spring weather.

Unknown said...

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