03 March 2009

I really am addicted...

I just got an e-mail from a nursery near Columbus Ohio (Bakers Acres -- if you live anywhere nearby, you've got to go check them out. Coolest tender perennials out there) saying that they will have a "limited number" of Strobilanthes gossypinus for sale probably in late April.

Let me make this clear: a nursery 4.5 hours away from me is going to have one plant I want for sale. What did I do when I got this e-mail? I turned to my calendar and wrote "Trip to Bakers Acres" in large letters over the last week in April. Yes, I really do plan my vacations around plants. I'd find that a little sad, only I'm too excited about getting Strobilanthes gossypinus!


themanicgardener said...

This is hilarious. And it's part of why we blog, surely; to have a place where we can confess such madness, amongst those who will understand.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Who doesn't do this? I go to Minnesota, twice each summer and 7 hours away, just for one nursery that has tons of uppper midwest native plants. Madness, but a fine line between madness and joie de vivre (or perhaps no line at all). Thanks for faving my blog on Blotanical!

Shady Gardener said...

I had to laugh! My first glance at "Gossypinus," caught the word "gossip". I assume this little gem keeps secrets? ;-)

Either one drives, perhaps to extremes, or shops via catalog and/or online!

Enjoy your new shrub!