More about me

I was bit by the gardening bug bad when I was a mere child, and the obsession only grows with each passing year... Currently I am nursery manager at Arrowhead Alpines, where I do everything from taking cuttings to packing up orders for mail order to writing plant descriptions in our on-line catalog.

I'm interested in writing and communicating about gardening. My garden writing has been published in Backhome magazine, and in a book from The Rose Hybridizers Association, and I've got a book on plant breeding coming out from Timber Press the beginning of 2013. I have been a repeated guest on public radios food show, The Splendid Table and Real Dirt, the radio show from famed garden writer Ken Druse. I also, of course, blog here. 

I love speaking about gardening, and am available to give talks at gardening clubs, organizations, and events. If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please contact me (joseph at arrowheadshopping dot com).
In the garden, I enjoy growing just about everything, except for plants with magenta flowers. I'm not into magenta. My house sits on 0.6 acres, so I garden there, but more often now I'm gardening at Arrowhead where I get to play on... 70 acres (YES. Be jealous. Be very jealous.) and I've got a massive vegetable garden, cutting garden, and lots and lots of beds of ornamentals. I'm especially fond of growing things from seed -- so inexpensive, so fun, and it opens such a world (literally -- I regularly order seeds from 4 countries) of possibilities. I'm also addicted to plant breeding. I make crosses between almost every sort of plant in my garden. I'm hooked on the thrill of seeing an entirely new plant, created by me, grow and come into bloom.
When I am not gardening, I'm often reading (Favorite authors (in no particular order) include Nicholson Baker, Salman Rushdie, George Elliot, E.M. Forster, Barbara Gowdy, Iris Murdoch and Virginia Woolf). I am also an enthusiastic cook, always playing with new flavors and trying new projects.